Baby it’s cold outside

It’s February, it’s winter, it’s cold. Luckily we have Charlotte to tell us her top five cocktails to beat the winter blues!

I’m Charlotte and I am a lifestyle blogger who loves brunches, Harry Potter and of course cocktails!

One of the great things about living and blogging in Birmingham is that there is always somewhere to head to find a great cocktail. Whether it’s a sophisticated martini in the Mailbox, a cheesy holiday special from Island Bar or a Caribbean mix from Turtle Bay there is something to suit everyone. So here is my list of the top 5 cocktails to kick those winter blues to the curb:

Rosehip & Rhubarb Fizz

The White Swan, Harborne
Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial / Bombay Gin / Lemon Juice / Soda Top

I am such a massive Rhubarb fan and the addition of the Rosehip gives it a delicious flavour. Sweet, really refreshing and not too strong this is the perfect lunchtime drink – handy when I only work 5 minutes down the road!

Tobago Tea

Turtle Bay, John Bright Street
Rum / Tequila / Vodka / Gin / Triple sec / Fresh Lemon / Mango & Lemonade

It was so hard to pick just one cocktail from the Turtle Bay menu, because I have worked my way through a few of them and they are all so nice! This one in particular is the perfect accompaniment to one of their spicy Caribbean dishes and since their happy hour runs from 12.00pm – 19.00pm and 22.00pm – Close it would be rude not to order in pairs!

Lady Grey

Norsjke, Edgbaston
Hammer Gin / Earl Grey Tea infused with Citrus Peels / Cane Sugar / Egg White

This Nordic cocktail is right at home in the Scandinavian bar Norsjke which is found on the outskirts of Edgbaston. If you want something to sip on away from the hustle and bustle of the city then this sweet light cocktail will tick all the boxes!

Lemon Cheesecake Cocktail

Bun and Bowl, The Cube
Pinot Grigio / Cinnamon / Gingerbread Syrup / Lime Juice / Milk & Cream Topping

Although creamy dessert cocktails aren’t usually my thing, this one from burger and shrimp restaurant Bun and Bowl is delicious! Made from a combination of flavours that sound like they shouldn’t work but they totally do, it takes just like Christmas, which means you can hold onto that festive feeling for just a little bit longer.

Sheep – 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955

Chung Ying Central, Colmore Row
Tanqueray Export / Crème De Mure / Lemon Juice

Other than the delicious Dim Sum that you can get your hands on at Chung Ying Central, they have a super cool range of Zodiac cocktails to try. Being a 91’ baby, the “countryside meadow” sheep is my zodiac drink and luckily the fruity flavours were delicious! Maybe next time I will go rogue and try a year that’s not mine…crazy I know!

So there you have it, my top 5 Birmingham cocktails. It was so hard to narrow down as I have loads of favourites… now pass me that Mojito!

Charlotte x
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