Whether it’s a simple classic or something with a little more spice, the #BCW team have been chatting to variety of the industry’s experts to find out the truth behind what your choice of classic tipple really says about you…No judgement…


Easy and breezy; the mojito drinker is recognised for their friendliness and approachability. Their easy-going character paired with an infectious love for living makes the mojito drinker a joy to be around with the majority of people feeling an instant affection for them. Their gregarious nature makes them popular amongst their peers and they are often seen sporting the latest styles and trends. Mojito drinkers are cool, fresh and extremely popular – just like the drink itself!

Long Island Ice Tea

Be afraid of the Long Island Ice Tea drinker! These guys aren’t scared to let their hair down and they don’t care who knows about it. They love to turn heads, although sometimes not for all the right reasons… With a fierce exterior and an even fiercer attitude, the Long Island Ice Tea drinker is famous amongst their friends for their short-temper and ‘devil may care’ outlook on life.


Just as the name suggests, Cosmo drinkers are suave, sophisticated, and have just the right amount of sass. Combining a dash of sweetness with that chic ‘Sex and the City’ style that commands the attention of any room. These guys love to be seen, heard and admired! With a taste for the finer things in life, Cosmo drinkers enjoy nothing more than a Saturday spent shopping ‘til they drop, followed by a lavish lunch at one of the city’s hot hang-outs.

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour lovers amalgamate timeless style with a slightly sharper edge. With a firm-but-fair approach, the Whiskey Sour drinker has earned the respect of their peers over time. Their bitter front masks a sensitive soul with a lovable sweet centre – if you dare to delve that deep! Their level-headedness when it comes to resolving problems makes the Whiskey Sour drinker the ultimate go-to-guy in a dilemma.

Bloody Mary

With a party-hard reputation to live up to, Blood Mary drinkers are renown for their outrageous antics and wild late-night parties. Often impulsive decision-makers and thrill-seekers, they are the life and soul of the party. Full of feistiness but sweet at heart, Bloody Mary drinkers are everyone’s favourite friend to turn to for a good time.

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