Cup of Joe

Hello Birmingham Cocktail Weekend, this is Mission Eurovision back again to share another cocktail for your Eurovision party!

Since Katrina and the Waves took the UK to victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, our entries, with the exception of Scooch of course, have been been less than average. Jemini, Javine, Daz Sampson (yes, who?), Blue and even Wingleburt Slapdeback Englebert Humperdinck have failed to win us any serious point-age.

This year could be different. This year, Joe and Jake are representing the UK with their catchy pop number You’re Not Alone. It’s got a chorus you can sing along to without really needing to know the words, AND they’ve been on The Voice. It’s got WINNER written all over it. Or, you know, top half of the table at least.

To celebrate and show our support, Mission Eurovision have created signature cocktails for both Joe and Jake. ‘Representing’ Joe Woolford, we have the Cup of Joe.

Made with equal measures of coffee liqueur (yum), Irish cream (double yum) and hazelnut liqueur (triple…well, you get it) the Cup of Joe is smooth, sweet and sublime. The coffee liqueur can be quite punchy, but some of the smaller non-brands from the European mini markets are actually very good and work well in this cocktail. The delicate flavour of the hazelnut liqueur provides a refreshing balance to the strong coffee and heavy Irish cream flavours.

If you’re feeling super pretentious, like us, serve your Cup of Joe in a coffee cup. It’s Eurovision for Wogan’s sake, if you can’t be a little flamboyant now then when can you be?

Mission Eurovision’s Cup of Joe


    • 1 measure coffee liqueur
    • 1 measure Irish cream
    • 1 measure hazelnut liqueur
    • Ice cubes