A Gin Revolution

Distilled and blogged in Birmingham

The quintessentially British spirit that has taken the back shelve over recent decades is currently under transformation, becoming an international front-runner in the modern city scenes. With an out-dated reputation surrounding the notion of a ‘Mother’s ruin’, loose morals and individual deterioration, it is about time that the concept of gin be overturned.

It has been said that ‘nothing is more pleasurable than to sit in the shade, sip gin, and contemplate’ – never have truer words been said. No doubt the rise in gin sales derives from the growing desire to escape the daily rat race of obligations and responsibilities, in favour of the simple pleasure provided by the juniper berry. Classified into standard, premium or London dry, the spirit has recently seen sales skyrocket, resulting with the consumption of 29 million litres by the British public last year alone. And the momentum is yet to slow down…
In addition to the traditional favourites like the Tom Collins and the Martini, the gin market is upping its game, with distilleries hoping to entice buyers with increasingly ‘ginspirational’ combinations. One such brand pioneering this trend is Edinburgh Gin, with their ‘Rhubarb and Ginger Gin’ proving to be a consistently popular choice with their buyers.
Alongside the innovation of the distilleries comes the cocktail craze that has spurred the openings of independently owned bars as well as recognised high street spots. Usually overlooked on the menu for the rum based favourites like the Mojito or the Pina Colada, gin is in fact the most common spirit in cocktails due to its subtle flavour. In Birmingham’s bustling after-hours city scene, the drinks menus can be somewhat overwhelming, so here are some go-to gin delights hand-picked by the BCW team.

BCW’s gin go-to’s

Jeckyll and Hyde’s ‘Fifty Shades’

Half Hitch gin, fresh lemon, bergamot, peach liqueur and Jasmine syrup.

Malbar at Malmaison’s ‘Gin Gin Mule’

Bombay Sapphire, ginger beer, lime, mint and sugar syrup.

Chung Ying’s ‘Chinese Garden’

Opihr gin, cucumber slices, mint, apple, rose and lime.
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