Cocktails are made for sharing – in all senses of the word. The Birmingham Cocktail Weekend team can relate to the horrific realisation that the truly insta-worthy drink that arrived at your table is not the same drink captured in your somewhat amateurish, downright unflattering photography. The difference between a good and bad shot lies in preparation and practice, so behold: our top tips for capturing the ultimate snap of your drink to share amongst your social circles.

1. Composition

The cocktail might be charming but that means nothing without a carefully thought out composition. Set up your picture and think about how it will look in the frame.

2. Move Around

Don’t be scared to shift around. Get yourself in the ideal position to ensure you find the picture-perfect angle. Crouch, hover, jump, squat or even stand on a chair: needs must!

3. Go towards the light

Lighting can make or break your pic. The key to taking an insta-worthy photo is sourcing natural daylight. Even though cocktail bars aren’t famed for their floods of light and sunny roof terraces aren’t always an option, why not have a peek around for some innovative light sources? Think neon bar lights and soft bulbs, but beware, flash is not always your friend!

4. What’s behind you?

The ultimate saboteur of an insta pic: clutter. The simpler, cleaner and more natural the backdrop, the better the end result. If you’re taking a picture of a super cool cocktail, you’re more than likely in a super cool bar. Capitalise on your environment and find something interesting to make your picture even better and rake up those likes!

5. Fabulous Filters

Everything looks better with a filter: ev-er-y-thing. The saturated tones of X-Pro II makes it a firm favourite with the BCW team, closely followed by Clarendon. Controversially making a comeback is Rise because it gives back that much needed light from the front that so many filters take away. Perfectly fitting a spring vibe is the light, airy shade of Gingham, another BCW favourite. And if one filter isn’t enough, go ahead and throw another one on there; if that fails, you can’t go wrong with black and white!

6. Blur it up

The tilt shift tool on Instagram is perfect for blurring out those rouge hands and unwanted faces that have somehow crept their way into your otherwise insta-perfect pic. Using this top trick, you can shift the focus away from annoying photobombers, giving your tantalizing tipple the attention it deserves.

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