Warm up for #BCW2021

With Birmingham Cocktail Weekend 2021 just around the corner, we asked Joseph Ellis, Whisky Specialist and all round spirits expert, to recommend a great cocktail for you to make at home in the run up to the festival.

Introducing his choice, the Japanese Negroni…

‘This drink is a Japanese inspired negroni switching out traditional vermouth for a plum sake. As Umeshu is a lot more delicate compared to rich vermouths and dropping the amount of Campari down to half the amount of gin makes this a subtle, refined and complex cocktail.’

To make this at home you’ll need:

• 30ml Roku Gin
• 15ml Akashi-Tai Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu Sake 15ml Campari
• An orange

This one is dead simple to make:

• Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass
• Add ice and stir. Joe recommends stirring for around 30 – 45 seconds.
• Strain into your glass.
• Slice yourself a strip of orange rind to garnish.
• Enjoy!

When it comes to glassware, if you have one at home, a chilled coupette would be perfect but you can also serve in a tumbler over ice.

We asked Joe for the low down:

‘I chose this cocktail for a great warm up to Birmingham Cocktail Weekend as it’s delicate enough to be a good summers afternoon cocktail. An aperitif if you like. It’s also a preview to the event that I’m hosting at Ikigai during the weekend, so if you want to try it then make sure you book your ticket to that!’

Joe has been part of Birmingham Cocktail in one way or another for years so we also asked for his top tip for first time BCW attendees:

‘My top tip for anyone coming to cocktail weekend is to pace yourself. This weekend is your opportunity to get back out into the wonderful bars across the city and taste some fantastic cocktails, but please take your time! Drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat some fantastic food to keep your energy up and plan your route carefully!’

See you soon Cocktail Lovers!