Mission Eurovision Calling

BCW are super excited to welcome Mission Eurovision to our blog to celebrate the run up to the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend!

Hello Birmingham Cocktail Weekend, this is Mission Eurovision calling!

The main event, the Eurovision Song Contest Live Final, will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday May 14th. Although we will be living it up in Stockholm for the semi-finals, when it comes to the big ticket show we’ll be in the only place we could imagine being – on the sofa, watching the BBC, with a fancy cocktail in our hands.

We’ve grown up watching Eurovision (props to Wogan, much love) and now look forward each year to getting together, throwing a party, and trying different cocktails from across the participating countries.

We think the UK peaked when Scooch were our entry in 2007 – it’s the very definition of Euro-kitsch! However, each year we don our Union Jack deeley boppers and sequin ties and get right behind the UK entry. There’s no better way to do that than with one of our cocktails from the UK, like this rather sophisticated Pink Gin.

The pink hue is very subtle, but the taste is not! This is definitely a cocktail for the gin connoisseur, and it’s really important to choose a good quality, hand-crafted gin. Garnished with a cocktail cherry, the Pink Gin will get your Eurovision party off to a flying start. Bottoms up!

Mission Eurovision’s Pink Gin

  • 1 measure gin
  • 1 measure chilled mineral water
  • 1 dash bitters
  • Cocktail cherry garnish
Stay tuned for more from Mission Eurovision over the week!