Mission Eurovision Take Over II

Sitting in the lounge at AC Hotels in The Mailbox after a long day in the office, we’re feeling goooooooood. The lights are dimmed, the music is playing, we’ve borrowed a book from the library and we’re kicking back in the comfiest lounge chair ever. As if this wasn’t heaven enough, we’ve got cocktails too. Take that LT United, Mission Eurovision are the winners here!

Situated in what used to be the Ramada, AC Hotels has given the place one classy makeover and warmly welcomes residents and non-residents alike into their lounge, which is its only public space. As you walk through the front doors you notice the glistening bar and stylish surroundings first, with the reception desk being discretely to one side. Their cocktail menu features classics like a Martini, Cosmopolitan or Manhattan, as well as a range of their own and a Cocktail of the Week.

Because we had trouble ‘Making our Mind Up‘ we tried our server’s recommendation of a Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, and were impressed with the smooth balance of flavours. Reminiscent of a cream soda our bourbon and caramel treat didn’t last long enough, so we also sampled the Manhattan (served with Buffalo Trace as standard) and the cocktail of the week, ‘Michaela’s Last Treat’. Whilst we normally enjoy our Manhattans on the dry side, this was a well made Manhattan which didn’t disappoint. The star of the evening however was the special cocktail of the week, made with gin, lime juice, Chambord and violet cream.

The lounge at AC Hotels effortlessly combines the feeling of being in a luxury hideaway and in your own home, and may just be our new post-work retreat. We have more ‘cocktails of the week’ to sample, and such Ooh Aah Just a little time