Mission Eurovision Take Over

For the second year, we’ve handed the reins of our blog over to Mission Eurovision to review a couple of the venues taking part in BCW2017. Here goes….

Rising high like Conchita’s phoenix into the Birmingham skyline, Rofuto perches atop the sixteenth floor of the glamorous Park Regis hotel. Having recently launched their new modern Japanese and Pan-Asian menu to wide acclaim, we visited Rofuto to try out one of their delicious cocktails.

As we took a prime view of the action from our stools at the bar, Bar Manager Lee hand-crafted a beautiful Rose Sukura for us. Starting with a base of Hendrick’s gin (one of Mission Eurovision’s favourites) the Rose Sukura is made with fresh lime juice and sugar syrup, topped with the creamiest foam we’ve ever tasted – delicately flavoured with rose and orange and garnished with pretty petals.

Normally, we’d be a bit wary of rose flavoured cocktails as it brings back 1980s Turkish Delight flashbacks. However, the Rose Sukura tastes fresh, sharp, clean and down right DELICIOUS! Not only is it a taste sensation, it’s pretty insta-worthy too.

Alongside our cocktail we sampled the Japanese Woods from the ‘Small Eats’ menu. This exquisite dish was delivered with just the right amount of theatrics; served in a wooden rack above a bed of dry ice over which dashi stock was hand poured to create a savoury scented mist. Gone in a mouthful, the combination of salsify, charcoal grilled eel and black garlic has a perfect balance of textures and flavours was a great accompaniment to the Rose Sukura.

Lee is proud of the quality experience served up by the team at Rofuto, saying that he equates the level of service they strive for to the heady heights of Rofuto’s sixteenth floor abode. Mission Eurovision couldn’t agree more, and awards Rofuto and their Rose Sukura a full DOUZE POINTS!