Tonight is the Night

This is our third and final guest blog for Birmingham Cocktail Weekend, thank you so much for having us! We hope you’ve enjoyed the cocktails so far. We have one more signature cocktail to show you but first…

One of the best things about a Eurovision party, except for the delicious cocktails of course, is the fun you can have playing Eurovision games. Whilst traditionally they do involve drinking, you can just join in with the fun without having to do another Bulgarian Flag shooter. Let’s face it, Eurovision can be a long old slog if you’re not that into the music, but one of our Mission Eurovision party games will keep you going. At least until it’s time for the next cocktail.

Our next cocktail has been created for Jake Shakeshaft, the other half of Joe and Jake. Yes, that is his real name. Introducing: the Jaken, Not Stirred.

A classic gin martini, but shaken instead of stirred, and served with a green olive (or three) is close to perfection for Mission Eurovision. Because of the amount of gin, we strongly recommend you use a really good quality hand-crafted gin. There are many, MANY great British brands available at the moment so splash out and treat your tastebuds. Do make sure your chill your glass with ice first – it’s a little extra effort but so worth it.

Let’s all practice together now: Royaume-Uni…..DOUZE POINTS!!!

Mission Eurovision’s Jaken, Not Stirred

● 1 measure dry vermouth
● 4 measures gin